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BOTSWANA: Contract to purchase 2MW of electricity from coal bed methane.


Botswana is in a dynamic of energy self-sufficiency. The country now wants to put an end to electricity imports and use coal-bed methane or coal-bed gas to produce enough electricity for national needs but also for export. In this context, the British company Tlou Energy and the Botswana electricity producer BPC, have signed an agreement to connect the 2 MW national electricity distribution network produced from coal bed methane from the Lesedi project.

Tlou Energy, which was seeking financing for the production of electricity from coal bed methane, sees this agreement with Botswana as a success. The company has already lined up the development plan in the country and in southern Africa around this cheaper and more promising solution. Its boss, Tony Gilby, welcomes such a partnership with Botswana’s public electricity producer BPC. Since the announcement of this agreement with the Government of Botswana, the British company has seen its title rise by 11%. He said it is great to see that Botswana is open for business and that the government is motivated to set up the gas industry. Tlou Energy plans to begin the development of the Lesedi project as soon as possible with the support and support of the Botswana government. 

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Indeed, the Botswana authorities are committed to supporting the stakeholders of this project, which will undoubtedly contribute to the commercial development of this fuel.The country’s objective is to achieve the long-term production of 100 MW of electricity gradually, all with coal bed methane. A quantity that will not only allow to acquire a certain energy autonomy but also to export to southern Africa.

Coal bed methane (CBM) is the fuel found on the surface of coal mines before the start of mining. It was once the origin of the exposures because it contains nearly 90% methane. However, by the second half of the 20th century, mine degassing strategies had been used, and the risk of accidents had been averted quite considerably. 

For nearly 40 years now, coal bed methane has been used in electricity generation as Africa provides 4% of the world’s coal production. With this fuel, many African countries could reduce their power supply difficulties and eliminate a gas that is terribly harmful to the climate.


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