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CORONAVIRUS: Strong measures taken around the world.


The cornavirus that emerged in Wuhan, China has now reached indescribable proportions. It has become a pandemic that worries the whole world. Governments and some institutions have decided to take certain steps to limit the damage.

The worrying spread of covid-19 is driving governments to take drastic measures to protect their people. The Italian and Spanish football championships are suspended until further notice. In fact, a Juventus football player from Turin tested positive as well as another from Sampdoria. Also in Spain, a Madrid basketball player was infected, which led to the quarantine of the entire Real Madrid team.

UEFA has decided to suspend the next matches after playing a few round of 16 matches behind closed doors on Tuesday 10 and Wednesday 11 March 2020.

In France, President Emmanuel Macron demanded the closure of all schools and universities until a date not yet specified.

This pandemic is spreading psychosis worldwide and poses a real threat to health and the global economy.


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