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MADAGASCAR: Celebration of the 62nd anniversary of the first Republic

@Page facebook Andry Rajoelina

14 October 1958… 14 October 2020, 62 years since the first republic of Madagascar was born. On Tuesday 14 October, the country celebrated this historic date when this republican political regime was established.

The celebrations were dark this year, 2020. At issue: the covid-19 pandemic that is paralyzing most of the country’s activities. The anniversary day of the first Republic was neither a public holiday nor a non-working day due to the respect of the health measures introduced in the country. 

For this day of celebration, President Andry Rajoelina was accompanied by the first Christian Nstay. They went to the cities of Antsohihy, chief town of the district of the same name, located in the western part of the Sofia region in the province of Mahajanga which is also the region of Philibert Tsiranana which was elected first President of the Republic of Madagascar on 1 May 1958 after the establishment of the first Republic.  

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The Head of State met with the local authorities. He reiterated the importance of dialogue between the State and those responsible for these areas in terms of the process of development of the locality. He has made numerous visits to the Fotsimaso Wild Duck Conservation Centre and the Sahanala site. President Andry Rajoelina sees the site as an “emerging model for the Sofia region”.

Pictures of the ceremony : @Page facebook of president Andry Rajoelina


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