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MADAGASCAR : The country ready to produce coronavirus medicine.

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On this fifth day of the second confinement period, the horizon begins to clear. The will of the power to enforce the rules is increasingly asserted.

The deployment of law enforcement in the most frequented areas shows that there is no longer any question of letting a retive population do its work. The call to order is pressing and the tone is imperative. We have now moved on to another stage. The authorities do not want to dither any more. It is now a matter of putting an end to laissez-faire. The Head of State places himself in this perspective and thinks about how to guard against a future wave of contamination.

Madagascar ready to produce coronavirus medicine

It is an uncertain future that is emerging because we have now moved to contact cases. We don’t know how the virus spread. The medical teams are on the ground and are constantly on the breach. The recommendations made to the public for real containment are multiplying, but what we have seen in recent days has not reassured us. Departures for the provinces were not done in accordance with the established rules. This crowd that rushed to the bus stations certainly has virus carriers in its midst that will swarm in provincial cities. Decisions on the quarantine of travellers taken by the authorities of the destination cities were suspended.

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Now, we do not know how the health situation will evolve. The head of state prefers to prepare for its deterioration. The stock of drugs, he says, is enough to cover any eventuality. He announced that a remedy, developed in Madagascar, was being tested and that a production plant would be built. This is extraordinary news, but while waiting to see its effectiveness, it is better to stick to a cautious wait.

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