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MADAGASCAR: towards artemisia-based injections on Covid-19 patients.

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The Malagasy President, Andry Rajoelina, announced during his television interview on Sunday evening that “injection tests” based on artemisia will soon be carried out on new coronavirus patients. By Info.re.

“This plant can cure many diseases”
From the presidential palace, Andry Rajoelina gave an interview to a priori report on the situation of coronavirus in Madagascar. But, for about 1h30, the Malagasy president mentioned Covid-Organics, the drug against Covid-19 developed by local researchers.

In this case, the president praised the benefits of this artemisia-based potion, which not only prevents the deadly disease, but can also cure it. “This plant can cure many diseases”, commented the head of state, adding: “If we do not act quickly, other researchers will surpass us”, reports RFI.

A “processing plant” of artemisia
In the wake, Andry Rajoelina announced the creation within a month of a “Artemisia processing plant”. He also reported on the construction project in Madagascar of the largest cancer centre in Africa.

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Another presidential announcement concerns clinical trials of artemisia-based injections which, according to him, will be carried out next week on new coronavirus patients. Towards the end of his interview, President Andry Rajoelina indicated that the partial confinement is renewed for another fifteen days with the same instructions given two weeks ago;


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