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MAURITANIA : ONE PLANET SUMMIT: The «Great Green Wall» is, according to President Mohamed Ould El-Ghazouani, an excellent opportunity for a post-covid economic recovery


The President of the Republic of Mauritania, Mohamed Ould El-Ghazouani,, took part in the One Planet Summit 2021 which was held Monday in Paris. The Head of State of Mauritania emphasized the good results achieved through the implementation of the «Great Green Wall» and its positive impact on the population. It believes that it plays a major role in the economic recovery of the countries concerned by the project, whose economies were brought to the ground by the coronavirus pandemic.

President Mohamed Ould El-Ghazouani, participated in the 4th edition of the One Planet Summit in Paris. This year’s theme, which focuses on biodiversity, is an excellent opportunity for the Head of State of Mauritania to advocate for the “Great Green Wall” which is a real green lung designed to curb the progress of the desert. “Agro-ecology is a major challenge for our Sahelo-Sahelian countries and it is precisely to implement integrated solutions that respond to both the ecological and socio-economic challenge we have, on the basis of a new vision for sustainable rural development, created the Great Green Wall Initiative,” he said, adding, “This multi-faceted approach has already shown good results where it has been implemented. It is therefore an excellent opportunity for a post-covid economic recovery in rural areas. This recovery, in addition to the positive effects it will have on the living conditions of the populations already affected by the crisis or by the health crises, will enable us to accelerate progress in achieving the objectives of sustainable development and those of the Paris Agreement on climate and help maintain healthy ecosystems to prevent Covid-19”.

President Emmanuel Macron also praised the merits of the “Great Green Wall” in the fight against climate change. According to the French Head of State, the Great Green Wall is “100 million hectares restored, 10 million jobs created, 250 million tonnes of carbon sequestered”“It is also through this initiative the ability for Africa to show that it is a player in the fight against global warming,” he said, announcing that the One Planet Summit has released $14.3 billion for the project. “The Great Green Wall is an African initiative to green the Sahel. It is an opportunity for ecology, biodiversity, agriculture and people.To accelerate, we, the #OnePlanetSummit players, are committing to mobilizing $14.3 billion,” he announced.

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“The Covid-19 crisis reinforces our belief that we need to build a more resilient and virtuous society and economy to better absorb external shocks, whether health or environmental,” say the initiators. Faced with the climate emergency and the degradation of biodiversity, the commitment of policy makers alone is not enough. The necessary paradigm shift in all sectors must, according to them, involve the integration of climate and environmental criteria at the heart of economic models. Multi-stakeholder partnerships – or One Planet coalitions – are therefore fundamental to breaking silos and implementing the low-carbon transition. To initiate a change of scale in the ecological transition, the One Planet Summit promotes solutions for the environment and climate that go hand in hand with employment, innovation and the creation of economic opportunities for all.


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