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MAURITANIA – Ruling party wins legislative, regional and municipal elections


The provisional official results released on Sunday 21 May 2023 by the electoral commission in Nouakchott reveal that the ruling party in Mauritania won a large victory in the parliamentary, regional and municipal elections on 13 May. These elections aimed to elect 176 deputies, 13 regional councils and 238 municipal councils, one year before the presidential election.

The El Insaf party, led by President Mohamed Ould Cheikh El Ghazouani who has been in power since 2019, won 80 seats, according to the results read by the president of the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI), Dah Abdel Jelil. A dozen formations that are members of the presidential mobility have obtained 36, and the opposition 24 of which nine for its main party, the Islamist movement Tewassoul.

A second round is scheduled for 27 May to fill 36 seats in the new National Assembly, while the current one is largely controlled by the presidential party.

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The ruling party also won the 13 regional councils at stake and in 165 of 238 communes. The rest of the communes are divided between parties of the presidential majority and the opposition.

Turnout stood at 71.8% for these elections in which 25 political parties participated. The opposition denounced “huge fraud” during the elections.

Some 1.8 million voters were expected in these elections, the first since President Ghazouani took over in 2019 the head of this vast West African country recognized as one of the few poles of stability in the Sahel, a region troubled by jihadi attacks.


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