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(MMA)Mixed Martial Arts – Reug Reug knocks out Patrick Schmid


Thiaroye colossus Reug Reug struck. Omar Kane of his real name put TKO his opponent Patrick Schmid. It all happened after only 1 minute 48 seconds of close combat.

It is definitely a revelation in this discipline of MMA Martial Mixed Arts, the colossus of Thiaroye Reug Reug After a brilliant debut in MMA in 2019 at ARES FC 1, Reug Reug (3-0) remains unbeatable. He has just beaten his challenger Patrick Schmid. The striking and fighting strength of the Senegalese wrestler is no longer to be seen. He naturally won without appeal in the 1st round at One FC. 

For this second fight within the Asian organization, Reug Reug has carried out his strategy. Facing kickboxer Patrick Schmid, Oumar Kane has applied the usual recipe. He thus illustrates himself with a good start to a perfect career in MMA.

Based on his Senegalese wrestling technique the “Lamb”, he brought his opponent to the ground before knocking him out with shots ending his fight with a ground and pound, a strategy that did not allow the English boxing specialist to regain the upper hand. 

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The next duel we hope for is the one that will set him against Marcus Buchecha, a prodigy of the Breislian jiu-jiysu. Business to follow…

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