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SENEGAL: Cheikhna Sy, entrepreneur, initiator of “NOPALE”

Cheikhna Sy.

Cheikhna Sy of his real name, he did primary school in the medina while playing sports specifically karate since the age of 6 with his father as a teacher. It is in this atmosphere that he grew up: Sport and studies.

After his baccalaureate and a tour at ucad where he combined studies and work in an interior decoration company.

Afterwards, he went to France where he continued his studies of interior decoration, which allowed him to open his company in the field called “NOPALÉ”.

He is also President of an association called Sunu Action. An association that helps the talibés and is creator of the Senegalese group from the outside.

His wish is to just see young people daring to undertake, awaken the leadership that sleeps at home, create jobs and significantly reduce the unemployment rate and thus participate in the development of the country. He plans to open “NOPALÉ” (Interior Decoration Company) very soon in Senegal.


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