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SENEGAL: Papa Ibrahima Ndao, a born entrepreneur.

Papa Ibrahima Ndao.

Born and raised in Dakar, Papa Ibrahima Ndao, 27, has dreams in her head. A classical school path with a bac L in his pocket, he joined the ISM for 2 years before joining the Rouen business school where he obtained his double degree in Management of SMEs and a Master of Science in HR at INSEEC Lyon.

In 2016 he decides to come home to work and start his own business. He won a contract in a statistical firm as market researcher and In 2017 he created Master Design a clothing brand, a reflection of his passion: LA MODE.

He makes costumes, custom shirts and bespoke dresses.

A concept creation that was done in several months by doing a market study and then slowly began its activity.

Despite the difficulty of cumulating the two jobs Ibrahima is driven by his passion. I love what I do, even if I suffer the sacrifices it entails. He also strongly encourages young people of his age to undertake. Nevertheless, we must be ready to give everything for his project, work 7/24 and make it his priority. Ibrahima makes his merry way. He began with individuals and gradually began to gain markets with some companies. Young people should expect nothing more from the state, give themselves the means to undertake and succeed, unleash your creativity, be financially independent and give meaning to your life.


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