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SENEGAL: Thierno Souleymane Agne, strawberry “sir”, winner of the 2017 AgriHack award.

Thierno Souleymane Agne.

Born in 1989 in Tambacounda in eastern Senegal, Thierno Souleymane Agne comes from a family whose ancestor was a great agricultural entrepreneur. Since his childhood, he has always nourished the desire to pursue a career in this sector.

After graduating in 2009 and a short stint in the Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences (Fsjp) of the Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar, Souleymane Agne decided to follow a professional training in horticulture. A training that will mark his first steps in the agricultural sector. Together with three of his classmates, they set up a project called “NAATANGUE” under the banner of “BIO-AGRIPLES”, its star-up agrobiological.

After only two years of experience, the company produces nearly 500 kg of strawberries. This figure is expected to increase tenfold in the coming years. “BIO-AGRIPLES” employs today a dozen young people in its plantations. According to Souleymane Agne, the company also welcomes many agronomy students who come to practice the lessons learned in the Institute.

The “gentleman” sweet strawberries is the winner of several prizes including: the AgriHack Grand Prize 2017, the Great Entrepreneur Award, the Senegal Promise Prize, the Business Startup Prize … etc.

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The cultivation of strawberry is only in preparation in Senegal, but Souleymane Agne, horticultural technician manages to change the perceptions that Senegalese have of this culture. He has just launched a particular variety of strawberries: “sweet strawberry”. His biggest challenge is to compete with imported strawberries.

Every week, nearly 500 kg of strawberries are produced in this field located about 40 km from Dakar, the capital. The ultimate goal of this young agripreneur is to multiply by 10 the current production.

“The challenge was not only to produce strawberry, but sweet strawberries, and beyond production. It was also to show that it is possible to market them here in Senegal, so compete with imported strawberries, “he said in a report AgribusinessTv.

The goal of this company is also to cover strawberry needs in the coming years throughout Africa. In the meantime, Souleymane is experimenting with growing strawberries above ground.


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