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SENEGAL – Hannibal Djim has doubts about the thesis of suicide of Abdou Faye, accomplice of Boy Djinné


On his Facebook account, Hannibal Djim commented on the suicide of Abdou Faye, accomplice of Boy Djinné, found dead in his cell at the Dakar central police station on the night of Tuesday 8 June 2021. For the activist well known on social networks for his positions, the thesis of suicide generally evoked deserves some questioning. Here is the message he posted on his Facebook account on Wednesday, June 9, 2021 that needs to be thought through.

Me who knows well all the cells of this police station (I stayed in each of these cells) I wonder how he did 

I want to remind you 

A few years ago I was the coordinator of the Collective for Justice and Against Police Violence so I was able to meet the family of Elimane Touré who died at the police station and the version of the police was that he had committed suicide but the autopsy said other thing in addition to the marks of blows on Elimane’s body

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There is also the case of Pope SARR 

Who was burned by a policeman in front of his family oft the policemen poured diluent on him to torture him with fire so that he told a crime that he did not commit but the fire was so important that the policemen themselves fled in addition there were witnesses.

But the police said, “He struggled with the chair where he was tied, fell on a bottle of diluent that was lying there and the lighter in his pocket triggered the fire”.

Since then, no cop involved in this tragedy has been worried.

The case abdoulye Timera 

The seck NDIAYE case 

The case ….

Hannibal Djim


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