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SENEGAL – A large-scale mobilization of the M2D in place of the nation


The Movement for the Defense of Democracy (M2D) organized a demonstration this Friday, June 11, 2021 at 3 pm in the place of the nation, located in the Senegalese capital. The aim of this popular rally is to demand the release of those detained during the demonstrations of March 2021 following the arrest of the deputy and opponent Ousmane Sonko. Political leaders, members of Frapp France Dégage, activists, members of civil society took part in this demonstration.

The M2D has succeeded! This Friday, June 11, Dakar vibrated today with the strong mobilization. The members of the movement met in the Place de la Nation to demand the release of the State of Senegal of the citizens arrested on the occasion of the demonstrations from 4 to 8 March 2021 on the national territory. Figures known for their opposition to the regime of the President of the Republic Macky Sall were present at this meeting. They are the leader of Pastef Ousmane Sonko, activists Guy Marius Sagna Assane Diouf and Abdou Karim Gueye, the leader of Gëm sa bopp Bougane Gueye Dany or the rapper member of the M2D nicknamed Nitt Doff.

At his speech, Ousmane Sonko demanded the immediate and unconditional release of citizens in prison whose only harm is to exercise a constitutional right, namely to walk peacefully. “We demand the release of Macky Sall’s political detainees. The fight will continue. If Macky Sall relies on the 3000 gendarmes he recruited or on the police, he is mistaken. If he does the same thing again, the demonstrations will be even more intense”, said the main Senegalese opponent under the applause of the many citizens present. 

The leader of Pastef did not limit himself there. He reminds the Head of State of the need to ensure compliance with the electoral calendar. For him, if the election deadlines are not respected, he will give up his position as an MP because he will no longer be legitimate. “I was elected on June 17, 2017 and my term is set to end on June 17, 2022. If the elections are not organised according to the chosen calendar, I return the keys to my official car and I give up the post of deputy”, said Ousmane Sonko.

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The activist Abdou Karim Gueye, aka Karim Xrum Xax, also spoke about the current situation in Senegal and the patriotic commitment of the M2D. For him, this is the first time we have seen all the forces engaged in a fight for freedom, justice and democracy. He also magnified the way in which Ousmane Sonko expresses his opposition to the regime of Macky Sall. According to the activist, this is a real development in Senegal.

Since the advent of President Ousmane Sonko, I have noticed something that has never existed in the past: I have never seen rappers like Nit Dof militate in an opposition political party, rappers like Karim Xrum Xax support a politician.So it is no longer politics but a revolution. Also, there has never been a politician of the stature of President Ousmane Sonko who is protesting for the release of detainees arrested during demonstrations,‘ he said in a strong tone.

Rapper Mor Talla Gaye, better known as Nitt Doff, announced during the rally the release of one of the detainees in Diourbel. There are still 7 people in detention in the country’s various prisons. This information was greeted with shouts and applause by the young people and political leaders present at the demonstration.


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