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SENEGAL: Malik Dia, dad of “Kilam Style”: “A question of good taste”

Malik Dia

Holder of a Master’s degree in journalism / communication and a Master’s degree in sociology, Malick Dia is currently in the final year of a doctorate in sociology at the University Cheikh Anta Diop in Dakar.

From a dad ndiambour-niambour and a mother baol-baol, the young native of Rufisque very early took a taste of business.
“Kilam” as many like to call him is also a fine entrepreneur. Since 2014 he has enrolled in the world of fashion with the creation of his company “Kilam Style”. With some basics he specialized in the making and selling of modern tradi clothing.
“Kilam” is defined primarily as a seller of good taste, so it embodies this new youth that is dreaming a generation.

In 2017 “Kilam” was named one of the 100 personalities of the city of Rufisque, but also was distinguished best young entrepreneur.

It is today a sure element of this Senegal of new horizons, like which one can make the link between several domains and to succeed with the help of a whole team.

His secret tells us: his friends, people who for him are the real engines of his success.

The shop “Kilam Style” installed in Rufisque since the beginning of this year, is a real reference in terms of modern-shop; fashion and class … you are welcome there are sure.