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SENEGAL – Parliamentary immunity of opponent Ousmane Sonko has been lifted

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On Friday 26 February 2021, the Senegalese National Assembly lifted the parliamentary immunity of opposition MP Ousmane Sonko.The debates were heated during this plenary session between the majority and the opposition, which challenged the procedure.The investigating judge can now hear the accused. But, the leader of Pastef had already estimated, Thursday 25 February at a press conference, that his immunity would remain intact whatever happens.

The parliamentary immunity of the main opponent of the Senegalese President, Macky Sall, Ousmane Sonko, who arrived 3rd during the 2019 presidential election, was lifted on Friday 26 February. The tone rose during the plenary session. Opposition members denounced the illegal nature of the procedure. They also noted that in the documents brought to their attention, there is only the version of Adji Sarr. This does not guarantee a balance in the handling of the case. They asked that Ousmane Sonko be summoned again. “It is despicable that parliament is lying down! Parliament must be standing!” , hammered MP Moustapha Guirassy who deplored the functioning of the ad hoc committee. He then left, along with his opposition comrades, before the vote.
As for the members of the majority, they denounced the fact that their opposition colleagues flourished in the media, disclosing certain elements of the file.

The leader of Pastef Ousmane Sonko has been shouting at the conspiracy since the beginning of this affair. However, the Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seals, Me Malick Sall, present in the Hemicycle, confirmed that the Head of State Macky was not even aware of the case and that it is he who informed him in the middle of the meeting of the Council of Ministers. I can assure you that his reaction was one of desolation. A compassionate reaction because he told me that to his worst enemy, we would not want that. This case did not please the Head of State, I can guarantee it because I was an eyewitness,’ he said.

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As for the procedure, Minister Malick Sall said that she followed the normal path. That’s the procedure. The investigating judge has the opportunity to hear from any person named.That’s how the judge asked to hear from MP Sonko. He requested through authorized channels that his request for release be forwarded to the Assembly in the person of his Speaker,” he said adding that “the rule is that this request must go through the prosecutor, that the prosecutor must transmit it to the attorney general, that the attorney general must transmit it to the Keeper of the Seals and that the latter must transmit this request to the Speaker of the Assembly. And that’s what was done.”

Very early this Friday, there were signs of demonstrations in several localities of the capital. Young people armed with petrol burned tires on certain roads, between Rufisque, Pikine and the Assainies, to protest against the lifting of Ousmane Sonko’s immunity. Law enforcement intervened to clear the axes. Clashes also took place at the University Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar, Limamou Laye High School. 

Following the lifting of MP Ousmane Sonko’s parliamentary unit, the Pastef Women who were in front of Walfadjri in protest are now heading to the house of their leader in support and protest against what they call “An unfair political liquidation”.


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