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SENEGAL – The complaint of the collective “Macky DCPI” was finally accepted by the CPI


Following the events that took place between 03 and 08 March in Senegal, demonstrations were held throughout the country. These events, led by citizens exercising a constitutional right, were tragically repressed, with scenes of horrific violence, excessive cruelty and unparalleled in political historical history. Violent clashes took place between the demonstrators and the security forces supported by an armed militia of weapons of war. This militia recruited, maintained and recognized as belonging to the APR political party was the main armed arm of the dirty work carried out and repression against the demonstrators. Yet these nerds, armed criminals recognized by all, are considered by the political leaders of the training quoted «of police officers in civilians» and this without a single denial on the part of the general direction of the national police.  As a result, there have been several deaths, especially of children, several gunshot wounds on the part of the demonstrators and infirmities resulting from this barbarism of another age (the videos and testimonies available have been widely shared and authenticated). More seriously, most of the victims, children under the age of 17, were buried in haste without any forensic supervision or autopsy.

Thus, Senegalese citizens from here and the diaspora formed a collective called Macky DCPI to file a complaint addressed to the ICC. This collective wishes to inform:

1. The collective Macky DCPI informs the opinion that his complaint was finally retained and enlisted for the opening of an investigation by the international criminal court CPI

2. The work was supervised and the procedure initiated by lawyers, bailiffs among other professions of justice, specialists in video editing, archivists, some families of victims, eyewitnesses…

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3. The role of the bailiffs was to certify, by a bailiff’s report, the legality of the exhibits on the chronology of events: date of taking of the video, author and witnesses, victims, place, identity, exact time etc.

4. Counsel dealt with the complaint among other legal formalities

5. Assemblers took the chronology of exhibits for total symbiosis with events. Their work was also decisive and was an essential element for the outcome of the complaint

6. The brothers in the diaspora travelled to the premises of the ICC to exchange with the officials in service in that institution. Advice and guidance were received and later the complaint filed.

Given the gravity of the facts and the new turn of events with the move of the ICC prosecutor to Senegal, Nous, collectif Macky DCPI, Let us therefore remain more determined than ever to continue the procedure to the end and to bring all the additional EVIDENCE to definitively bring the perpetrators of these killings and assassinations perpetrated on innocent citizens.

The collective DCPI Macky denies the existence of the enlistment of a complaint made by a political party leader and by Senegalese civil society reported by media outlets.

The collective DCPI Macky specifies that to date the only complaint that has received in return a favourable opinion with a decision to enrol for the opening of an investigation by the ICC against authorities identified and named in the letter complaint is that formulated by DCPI Macky.

The collective DCPI Macky thanks the Senegalese people, friends and supporters who worked hard until the outcome of the Complaint.

Done at Brussels this 23/05/2021

The Macky DCPI Collective


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