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SENEGAL: The prosecutor requires on year in prison for Abdoul Mbaye

Abdoul Mbaye - ©Dakarprivée.com

Former Prime Minister of Senegal from April 2012 to the beginning of September 2013 and later leader of the Alliance for Citizenship and Labor (ACT), Abdoul Mbaye was this Tuesday, June 18, 2019 at the District Court of Dakar where the Attorney General of the Court of Appeal has requested a prison sentence of one year.

Abdoul Mbaye is prosecuted for forgery and misuse, and attempted fraud. His wife, Aminata Diack, accuses him of falsifying their marriage document to avoid falling into bigamy.

In addition, the testimony of neighbors sink the former Prime Minister because many have testified that he had abandoned his wife to live with another.

“It’s been 3 years since I was prosecuted for these facts so far I have not always been presented with alleged false document so I am complicit, no one can produce a writing by which I would have tried to subtract goods from him. belonging. We were married under the community of property regime. We decided to change our matrimonial regime by separating property. We have changed. I say that this decision of separation of property has never been contested for 20 years,” said Abdoul Mbaye at the opening of the trial on June 18, 2019.

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Aminata Diack on her side claims 1 billion FCFA to her husband for all the damage that this trial caused him.

Note that in her audience report in 2016, she considers her ex-husband as an unfaithful man whose behavior is unworthy of a man who has held high office. Moreover, at the end of this hearing, the High Court of Dakar pronounced the divorce between the two for “serious insults making the existence in common impossible to the exclusive wrongs of the husband.”


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