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UNITED STATES/ISRAEL: Benjamin Netanyahu still waiting for a call from Joe Biden

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Relations between Israel and the United States have strengthened considerably under the Trump administration. But since his inauguration in January, Joe Biden has still not called the American ally. A situation that is slowly beginning to frustrate the Hebrew state which has manifested its impatience through its representative at the United Nations.

Joe Biden does not seem to be in a hurry to attack the Israel file. Indeed, the American President has still not contacted Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Also, Danny Danon, Permanent Representative of the Hebrew State to the United Nations, publicly challenged the new White House tenant on Twitter, asking him to call the Israeli Prime Minister.

Ever since his takeover of power, Biden has already contacted, according to the Israeli ambassador to the UN, the leaders of Canada, Mexico, France, Russia, Japan, etc. “It might be time to call on the closest ally of the United States.”, the Israeli official said, even posting the number of Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu’s office on his Twitter account.

The attitude of Joe Biden is also not the taste of the former American ambassador to the United Nations under Donald Trump, Nikki Haley. She accused the Biden administration of “snobbing” a “friend like Israel” while making “friend-friend” with “an enemy like Iran”.

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It should be noted that, for years, the Prime Minister of the Hebrew State has multiplied distrust towards Joe Biden who expressed his disagreement about colonization. However, Benyamin Netanyahu has announced the construction of new housing units in the colonies every time Joe Biden is in the spotlight.  

However, the head of the Israeli government said on Monday that the fact that Biden has not yet called him is not “a sign of rupture” of US-Israeli relations. “There is no doubt that our alliance is strong. That doesn’t mean we agree on everything, but our alliance is strong, as is our friendship of nearly 40 years,” he said.

The Biden government has not yet declined its position on the long list of unilateral decisions in favour of Israel made by Donald Trump and his Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The new US administration has confirmed that it will maintain the US embassy in Jerusalem which the US will continue to regard as the capital of the Hebrew state. On the other hand, the Palestinian diplomatic mission will be reopened in Washington. Likewise, aid to the Palestinians cut off in recent years will be restored.


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