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SENEGAL – “I am an official of the Senegalese people and not of a president of the republic.” says Guy Marius Sagna

Guy Marius Sagna

It took 04 years for Abdoulaye Diouf Sarr Minister of Health and Social Action to rehabilitate me by affecting me on March 29, 2021 and 03 months for me to be informed by the Dakaroise street. I don’t care if it’s done to me. But the tragedy is that this is how the problems of health, education, security, employment…of Senegalese are taken in charge. For example, it took 10 years to rebuild the maternity ward at Dantec Hospital, and it seems to me that the Jaxaay health facility has not opened for 15 years. And that cannot leave us indifferent.

In 2014, the Minister of Health and Social Action – Éva Marie Coll Seck – sanctioned me by affecting me 3 times in 02 months. And finally, by affecting me in a filthy, dangerous building.

My crime, saying that:
– the money from Sédhiou Regional Hospital had not been paid into the hospital account for 10 days
– hospital fuel was diverted
– the hospital has recruited the daughter of the Chairman of the Regional Council of Sedhiou as a matron while in a hospital only qualified staff are required to work
– Hospital board members wanted to increase their sessional allowances in one of the 03 poorest regions of Senegal;
– the only shop in the hospital was owned by the regional secretary general of SUTSAS who was supplied with electricity by the regional hospital – even when the hospital’s generator was on – and free of charge
– the hospitals of Senegal had the same disease as that of the regional hospital of Sédhiou: anti-democratic management, 1998 hospital reform…
For several years, I have written and said that I refuse to work in a building threatening of ruin, at the window where the neighbors pour their water from their pits and where it is necessary to ask the neighboring inhabitants when I want to urinate…
Finally the neo-colonial state of President Macky Sall corrects an injustice after 04 years.
This is also why I called the gynecologist of Matam Mamadou Demba Ndour a few days ago to express my solidarity with him in the face of the reprisals he has suffered for simply denouncing Senegal’s health care system.
It is true that those who make very bad policy decisions are primarily responsible for the health and social action situation and other sectors. But what do officials do? Should they keep quiet and do nothing? Homage to the officials who are fighting for the Senegalese people!

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This assignment will allow me to better look from within the neocolonial system of health and social action of Senegal.
I was sanctioned for defending the people. They just rehabilitated me. But I want to be clear: I am an official of the Senegalese people and not of a president of the republic. At home, the homeland will always be before the party and the siblings and whatever it may cost us.
No to the third illegal and illegitimate candidacy!
No to neocolonialism!


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