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SENEGAL – The PDS joins the National Resistance Front

Abdoulaye Wade

The Senegalese Democratic Party has commented on the current situation in the country. Former President Abdoulaye Wade’s party has decided to join the ongoing struggle of the Senegalese opposition, civil society and activists. They have planned a march this Friday, March 5, 2021 at 3pm. The PDS demands the release of all political prisoners, the return of Karim Wade to Senegal, the preservation of individual freedoms and the rule of law. This is the PDS release released this Friday.

“The Senegalese Democratic Party is following with great difficulty the current situation of the country born of the opening, against the deputy Ousmane SONKO, of a judicial procedure following a complaint against him by a fellow citizen named Adji Rabi Sarr. 

The PDS notes the violence that caused the death of some of our compatriots and scenes of looting and destruction of public and private property in some localities of the country. A situation that the PDS wanted to prevent our country from the beginning by asking for the waiver of the parliamentary immunity of the deputy in a statement signed by the brother national secretary general Abdoulaye Wade. 

This is why the PDS welcomes the dedication shown by the deputies of the parliamentary group Freedom and Democracy and some not registered to prevent the lifting of the parliamentary immunity of the deputy Ousmane Sonko in the respect of parliamentary procedure and practice. 

The PDS vigorously opposes any attempt to muzzle or liquidate an opponent by unconventional methods that tarnish the image of our democracy acquired from hard struggle for decades. 

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The PDS calls, thus, the regime in place to serenity and restraint and the Senegalese population and all the actors involved to show maturity and responsibility to safeguard peace and stability in our country. 

The PDS strongly condemns the violence on any side it may come from and strongly denounces the unacceptable recruitment of nervous by the regime in place to break up demonstrators. 

The PDS calls for an investigation into the matter and vigorous sanctions against all those involved in the recruitment and commissioning of these nerds.  

The PDS bows to the memory of the young people killed during demonstrations and calls for an immediate end to the violence against citizens and invites the defence and security forces to show professionalism in the exercise of their mission to maintain order public.
The PDS calls for the immediate release of all political prisoners and the immediate return to the country of Karim WADE, forcibly exiled to Qatar.

In addition, the PDS informs national and international opinion of the resumption of its activities that it had suspended, within the National Resistance Front (FRN) for the safeguarding of our democratic gains and for the preservation of individual and collective freedoms and respect for the rule of law in Senegal.”
The spokesman, Tafsir Thioye


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