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GOOD GOVERNANCE: Senegal ahead of France and the United States

Morning comes to the State Capital grounds at Bismarck, North Dakota

The Senegalese Seal Guard, Me Malick Sall, affirmed that Senegal has no lessons to learn from the great nations in terms of good governance, democracy or respect for human rights. Remarks he made on 14 December 2020 on the sidelines of the 22nd meeting of the Ministerial Committee of the Intergovernmental Group for Action against Money Laundering in West Africa (GIABA).

The Intergovernmental Action Group on Money Laundering in West Africa (GIABA) is a Specialized Institution of ECOWAS that promotes policies to protect the financial system of Member States against money laundering, the financing of terrorism, and the financing of the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction.

The Minister of Justice, Me Malick Sall, is convinced that Senegal is an example to be presented to the world in the framework of virtuous governance and respect for democratic fundamentals.
“Good governance is welcomed by the United Nations Commission. Today, Senegal’s election results were the best. We had taken the first place in good governance, ahead of France, the United States and all African countries, with an average of 188 voters out of 190. The reason this forum gave this rating is that good governance is practised in Senegal,’ he said.

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For the minister, Senegal is “governed in transparency even if no system is perfect.” A statement that the opposition could not hear because the President of the Republic is presented as a dictator. He had to imprison Karim Wade, the son of former president Abdoulaye Wade, for illicit enrichment, and the former mayor of the city of Dakar, Khalifa Sall for mismanagement of the advance fund.Imprisonments that the opposition considers as a way to eliminate serious candidates for his succession.


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