Home MUSIC IVORY COAST-GUINEA: Grand P and Eudoxie Yao in studio

IVORY COAST-GUINEA: Grand P and Eudoxie Yao in studio

Grand P and Eudoxie Yao @Page Facebook

The most glamorous couple on the continent is preparing a new single featuring. The singer Moussa Sanguiana aka Grand P is in studio with his wife Eudoxie Yao for a new production called “Femme”. Announcement made by artist Grand P on his facebook page.

“Heavy stuff arrives with Mrs. Kaba Eudoxie Yao “pawa gang” posted Grand P on Friday, January 8, 2021. The couple’s fans were informed via his facebook page. The message is accompanied by a photo showing Grand P and the Ivorian influencer surrounded by their beatmaker. She also announced it on her facebook page. 

The artist Guinea Grand P is suffering from progeria. His physics has long been mocked.He was also marginalized, the little genius surpassed himself thanks to his pugnacity and his clairvoyance with regard to his desires, his ambitions and especially his passion which is music. Today, he is one of the artists who count on the African continent. Her relationship with the Ivorian Eudoxie has received a lot of comments on social networks. Two personalities as atypical and endearing as each other. 

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As with each of their outings, the couple suffered criticism but also encouragement.The fans support them and look forward to the single. “You are raised by Allah and not those who denigrate you, may they also sing and become famous as you are seen. Be proud of yourself and glorify your lord who made you who you are,” writes Idrisse Lebeau Mbarga. ‘Great will you always be great because God has already raised you,” says Harmony Bingophar. “Two artists in a pure state who have sublime voices, we are really looking forward to it,” writes Mamadou Aliou.“Stop being so mean despite his disability. He fights to succeed and you perfect people belittle him. How will he feel when he reads your comments? Please be nice. Great P that God bless you and that Jesus remembers you” launches Touré Sardonyx. The dice are cast, the single of the couple is on its way.

Grand P et Eudoxie Yao on air @Page Facebook
Eudoxie Yao @Page Facebook
Grand P et Eudoxie Yao @Page Facebook
Grand P et Eudoxie Yao @Page Facebook
Eudoxie Yao @Page Facebook


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