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MAURITANIA: No third term for Mohamed Ould Abdelaziz.

ph : Le360 Afrique

Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdelaziz will not appear before voters in 2019 for a third term. In any case, what he confided to our colleague Jeune Afrique in an interview. He has decided to comply with the Constitution which limits the number of presidential terms to two: “We have revised the Constitution, but we have never touched this article. And I will not touch it. ”

If in the tropics, even if heads of state who seek (and come) to manipulate the constitution to stay in power as long as possible, make the front page of the press, some withdraw without noise, at the end of their mandate . As promises to do the Mauritanian president.

In Tanzania, it is the very tradition-one could say: indeed, none of the presidents who succeeded the founder of the nation Julius Nyerere sought to change the Constitution to extend or multiply the mandates. Today, incumbent President Jakaya Kikwete is completing his second and final five-year term.

In Benin, Yayi Boni left without any difficulty the power after his second term.

Lastly, Botswana, where Ian Khama, who has been in power since 2008, formally declared the table on March 31, 18 months before the end of his term, is in keeping with the country’s 10-year rule. presence at the head of the state.

Too bad that what else is normal, so banal, is an exception on the continent, to the point of deserving to be underlined.