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[ ASSA TRAORÉ’S REACTION ] – Adama Traoré’s brother Bagui Traoré is released

Bagui Traore and Assa Traore @LaMeute

Justice freed my brother Bagui, she could no longer remain indifferent to his distress, she could not ignore the cries of a man locked up alive.
There are still the cries of Adama, locked in a box, which we do not hear, but which continues to scream in us, to call for justice.

Five years of legal denial. And three weeks of hearings to finally see the end of a long tunnel of solitude and isolation from the world for my brother Bagui Traoré, who spent nearly five years in prison, far from us, far from his child.

We take one step, the lies fall, the truth rises. The Cour d’assises de Pontoise, presided over by Judge Marc Trévidic, acquitted Bagui of all the attempts at murder against the security forces accused of him.

They were five to appear: SB, Bagui’s ex-girlfriend, was acquitted; CT was also exonerated; EM, who confessed to having fired three shots, is sentenced to 12 years in prison; SC, who also fired, is sentenced to 8 years in prison.

We think of their families, their loved ones. The revolts that followed Adama’s death on 19 July 2016 on the soil of the Persian gendarmerie were at the heart of the debates.

Bagui Traoré, Assa Taroré and friends @LaMeute

For the first time in five years, my brother’s name resonated in his right place, in a court, in the midst of the sometimes untruthful words of the gendarmes, seated in the place that must be ours, the place where we should have been before them: on the victims’ bench.

Bagui Traoré became during this trial, and in spite of himself, the living voice of Adama. He cried out for injustice, with strength and courage, as he has done for the past five years.

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The jurors, the court, the president, were able to recognize, thanks to the talents of a team united in the defence of the accused, that there was not even the beginning of an investigation worthy of the name in this case.

My brother’s defence, made up of Yasmina Belmokhtar, Florian Lastelle, and Frank Berton, showed the total lack of evidence against Bagui, and all the injustice in which he was held, for too long… He’s the only witness to Adama’s death. This trial was a demonstration of all that the institution can make against a family, against men, with procedures, with repeated complaints, to try to stifle its determination, to extinguish its energy.

Bagui Traoré and his lawyers @LaMeute

We have held fast, thanks to your support, thanks to your faith in equality and justice, these values in which we intend to see our children live.

This acquittal honors justice, the justice we want to believe in, the justice that leaves no room for impunity, the justice that recognizes its mistakes. This justice which must now put in indictment the gendarmes who crushed Adama by the weight of their bodies five years ago, these men who let him die, handcuffed on the asphalt of their barracks five years ago.

Justice has been stalling for too long. We will march on Saturday, July 17, for truth and justice, for Adama. All together. With my brothers. With Bagui. With all of you! Because we want things to change, because all lives matter.
Assa Traoré


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