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SENEGAL – “Shocked” by El Maestro le Kangham


Moustapha Diop aka El Maestro le Kangham is a Senegalese musician. “Choqué” is his new album that will be released this Saturday, February 25, 2023. He gave us his impressions on this new production.

Ze-Africanews: The clip of your new single CHOQUÉ is out on February 25, 2023? Tell us about this new project?
El Maestro le Kangham:
«SHOCKED» is a title that was born from a discussion between friends. We talked about current events, especially people who spend their time on social networks denigrating others to create stories for nothing. But also people who broadcast obscene images that destroy the lives of others and the word “shocked” often came up in the conversation with my friend Tifa Diallo who told me “Yet you can make a song out of it” and I started singing it said “Shocked, mane dama shocked” (I’m shocked) from there I decided to write this sound and today it has become a reality.

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Ze-Africanews: Why did you release this single?
El Maestro le Kangham:
I released this single to raise awareness among Senegalese youth about corporate events. I find that we are currently wasting a lot of time on trivialities, especially on stories that are supposed to be private and that we are trying to “settle” in public. This is what I call the side effects of social networks.


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