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CAMEROON – Two legends named “African Twin”

The “Twin Sisters of Africa”is a musi

“Twin Sister of Africa”is a music group composed of two twin sisters passionate about the song. They settled in Senegal, the country of “Teranga” which means “Hospitality”, which welcomed them so well and allowed them to succeed in their artistic achievements.  They are from Cameroon, the country of Charlotte Dipanda, Richard Bona, Salatiel, the late Manu Dibango, Samuel Eto’o, Roger Milla, Lady Ponce or Yannick Noah. MC Channel and Soleil Petit Coeur is their artist name.

The group “Twin Sister of Africa” have always been passionate about song and music. They are very noticed by the lives they do on social networks, where they exchange with the public. They were propelled to the forefront in 2016, the year of their musical revelation. 

Composed of 2 sisters, MC Channel and Soleil Petit Coeur, “Twin Sister of Africa” is a group based in Senegal, whose members are from Cameroon. 2016 is the year of revelation for them. This is the release of their single titled “Yamo” reassembled in Rabat, Morocco in the Chelif kingdom, they were accompanied by Mayazik, the duo launches with great success.

The “Twin Sisters of Africa” @Capture Facebook

Strong of their originality and especially of their duo that leaves no one indifferent thanks to their resemblance to the fact that they are real binoculars, they managed to multiply the stage performances. In 2018, the “Twin Sisters of Africa” are invited to the “Celecao” Festival in Chad, an unmissable cultural event in front of a conquered audience. They will play a second time in this Central African country the same year, on the stage of the French Institute. They are making a name for themselves, asserting themselves, gaining a greater audience and reputation. 

The “Twin Sisters of Africa” @Capture Facebook

Between 2018 and 2020, the group of “Twin Sister of Africa” has multiplied productions and collaborations. March 11, 2021, is the official release, after several months of hard work, of their new music video, their song entitled “Ma Ding Wa” “Je t’aime”. In this opus, the two sisters sing the love which, according to them, is a treasure sought by all. “And when you find it, you have to know how to Hold the Flame and revive it at every moment of life.Under this beautiful rhythmic melody, our two divas offer us a song that connects hearts.” to explain this novel production.

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Clip to watch here:

The “Twin Sisters of Africa” @Capture Facebook
The “Twin Sisters of Africa” @Capture Facebook

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