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IVORY COAST: Marie-Jeanne Igba, director of L’AgenceLL ‘Eleganz: “Observe and change our world !


Marie-Jeanne Igba is the director of AgenceLL ‘Eleganz. It is a digital medium that highlights the beautiful profiles of expanded diversity and supports women’s entrepreneurship. On January 20, she launched the forum ALL FOR THEM 2018. We met her.

Tell us about you ! Who is Marie-Jeanne Igba ?

I am from Ivory Coast. I did two years at the faculty of Law in Abidjan and a BTS in Management Secretariat. In 1999, I arrived in Paris. I work as a facilitator in maternal recreation centers. Then I become by 2 mandates, member of the district council Plateaux-strikes-edges-of Seine. It is after this that I become aware of the importance of communication, public relations and exchanges.

Introduce us L’Agence L ‘Elleganz ?

It is a digital medium that highlights the beautiful profiles of expanded diversity. Women leaders, daring managers, innovative starturters in their respective areas of expertise. It promotes model diversity roles and their businesses and supports women’s entrepreneurship. We have devised 3 tools to achieve this: ALL FOR THEM FORUM: a partnership platform between companies. The Eleganz Touch speakers: which allows to spread, to speak, to discuss innovations and the trend indicator: a facilitator of business growth.

How did this idea of ​​agency come to you ?

As a manager in public relations with business leaders, several communication mandates have been entrusted to me. This is the connection setting: Ohel real estate company, specialized in BTCS and DIASPORA and Investments; Think Thank Africa Grenier du monde and Africa Femmes Positive Initiatives; Ohel and Black Women Business LOBBYING; Think Thank Africa Grenier du monde and WeFlyagri; DCI and Ivorybank; A computer room at N’Zikan College of Didievi; A Solarpak to study the night. Spontaneously the need for a structure was felt by the extra work.

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What concrete actions does the agency plan to take with women ?

It is the perpetuation of the All For All Forum in such a way that companies develop permanently and in the long term. Why is it important for you to talk about women? We want to help stem the unfair competition that is hurting partnerships and corporate synergies.

You have a meeting on January 20th. What is it about ?

At the end of the new year, our agency will not only present the wishes of diversity but also launch its forum. In other words highlight the 7 lines of communication where departments that articulate our professional practice. That is: Institutional Stand Up, Éléganz Touch SPEAKERS, Social Economy and Coworking, Business and Digital, Green Economy, Trend Indicator and Global Leadership.

A message for women ?

2018 absolutely everything for them. It’s daring. It’s taking risks. It is watching and changing our world. It’s creating opportunities because we all have some. It’s mutualize. It’s sharing our skills. It’s continuing to form, because there is no delay in life. It’s realizing one’s dreams. That’s saying no to violence against women.


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