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IVORY COAST – Landslides kill six people in Abidjan


The rainy season is still feared in Côte d’Ivoire because of the many tragedies it causes. This year again, deaths were unfortunately recorded in Abidjan precisely in Mossikro, in the municipality of Attécoubé. 

On the night of Wednesday 15 to Thursday 16 June, heavy rains in the Mossikro district caused landslides, killing six people and injuring two others. Among the deceased are a young couple and their baby. 

The rescue operations immediately put in place by the authorities made it possible to rescue the people in distress and evacuate the wounded to the hospital. 

Prime Minister Patrick Achi and a large government delegation visited the site on Thursday morning to see the extent of the situation and support the families affected by this tragedy. The Prime Minister stressed the need for people to evacuate areas at risk.

In fact, some time ago, the government launched an operation to evict neighbourhoods in flood-prone or dangerous areas. 

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This is the place to invite everyone to become aware of the urgency of the situation. This is not the first tragedy caused by the rains in Côte d’Ivoire. We remember the violent landslide that grieved many families in Anyama under the same conditions in 2020. 

It is essential that the government take all measures to allow the effective evacuation of all these dangerous areas. The period of the great rainy season is known. We can therefore prevent entire families from grieving by taking the right precautions and appropriate measures. It is possible! 


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